Monthly Archives: November 2011

Tech Pulse: Apple’s EasyPay

I’ve written previously about Apple’s use of barcode and mag-stripe hardware from Infinite Peripherals.  Looks like they have a new model out, the Linea-pro 4.

Apple recently added self-checkout capabilities to its retail stores, allowing users to use their own iPhones and iPod Touches to check themselves out for cheaper items.  Cult of Mac writer Leander Kahney went to the store to check it out.  Impressive, although having to join the Apple Store’s wifi seems like an unfortunate hurdle for your average shopper to deal with, and lots of average people buy Apple products.

This comes at a time when several grocery store chains have begun removing self-checkout lanes for a variety of reasons.

Yet Walmart is moving forward on using Apple’s technology to enable customers to check out items right in the aisle.  When Walmart makes a move, it’s worth paying attention.  Yet I can’t help wonder how much more shrinkage stores using self-checkout must see.

Looks like the Apple EasyPay POS system has some legs.