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HME Smartphone ScanningWhat You Need to Know About Asset Tracking Software

As your reimbursement, regulatory and business environments continue to evolve, you’ve probably looked at how to reduce costs on multiple occasions. You’ve had to make some difficult 
decisions. One thing is for sure, you don’t want to incur additional expenses. But, what if an expense could yield new cost savings and efficiencies and pay for itself in less than a year? Asset management software can do exactly that. 

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Automating Asset Management Workflows is as Simple as Pushing the Easy Button

canstockphoto20024672Asset tracking software helps companies streamline and simplify asset management processes by automating workflows. Employees using handheld mobile devices follow step-by-step screens that lead them through a predetermined sequence of tasks. It’s impossible to skip a step as the mobile device screen won’t advance until the employee enters the appropriate information on the current screen. This eliminates unnecessary steps, increases worker compliance with defined operating procedures, standardizes workflows and improves process control. Continue reading

Introducing Our New Status Page

Today we are introducing TrackAbout’s new Status Page:

The status page provides transparency into the health of the TrackAbout services. It’s hosted independently of our services so if our services go down, the status page stays up.

Using the status page, you can subscribe to updates regarding TrackAbout service status. We support email, SMS, webhooks and Atom/RSS feeds.

Subscribe to Updates button

Look for this button!

The status page will provide advance notification of scheduled maintenance that may or may not disrupt service. It will also serve as an archive of all past scheduled maintenance.

We will use the status page to provide news in the event of an outage or other service disruption and again, serve as an archive of all past incidents.

The status page will report on system metrics. Currently, we’re showing our Uptime as reported by Pingdom and our Apdex score as reported by New Relic.

In the event our services are down, visiting our usual web site should return an error page containing a link to the status page. But just in case, you might want to bookmark the status page or this blog post now so you’ll be able to find it easily should you need to.

Please let us know if you have ideas for improving the status page.


Larry Silverman
Chief Technology Officer
TrackAbout, Inc.

Dropping support for IE7 and IE8

Dear TrackAbout Customers,

You may have heard that Microsoft officially ended support for Windows XP in April 2014. XP is dead (or walking dead, depending on your penchant for zombie analogies). Also important is that Windows XP was the last Microsoft operating system to support Internet Explorer 8 (IE8).

At TrackAbout, we know that businesses only upgrade when they absolutely have to. It can be costly.

IE8 LogoWe calculate that 28% of our web site users are still running Windows XP and now-unsupported versions of Internet Explorer. TrackAbout has been making a best effort to fix defects reported by our customers who were using IE7 and IE8.

Trying to maintain compatibility with unsupported and old versions of Internet Explorer is expensive and restrictive. Old browsers do not support modern standards and programming techniques. This leaves us having to design for the lowest common denominator, or create hacky workarounds so functionality doesn’t break.

We’d like our customers to know that allowing users to use out-dated browsers carries a security risk. There will be no new security patches for Windows XP, and therefore no new security patches for IE7 or IE8. It should be considered an unsafe platform (or at least a less-safe platform).

We have therefore made the decision to drop official support for IE7 and IE8.

The impact won’t be felt immediately; our web site isn’t going to fly apart at the seams. But change will come soon.

Our approach to this policy change is this:

  • Starting today, we will no longer fix defects that are specific to IE7 or IE8 and which are not reproducible in supported browsers.
  • We will cease testing our web site using IE7 and IE8.
  • We will allow a period of two months during which we hope our customers will upgrade or replace IE with a different browser.

On July 4th, 2014, two more things will happen:

  • Users logging into TrackAbout using IE8 or lower will be shown a message warning them they are running an unsupported browser. The message will tell them to expect broken pages and functionality. It will also contain links to other browser options and a suggestion to either upgrade themselves or contact their system administrator, following whatever local IT policy is appropriate.
  • Our supported browser list will include only IE9, IE10, IE11, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

We hope you appreciate that in order to innovate, TrackAbout must stay current with technologies.


Larry Silverman
Chief Technology Officer
TrackAbout, Inc.


The HeartBleed Vulnerability


A security vulnerability with
its own logo? Yup.

This past Tuesday, the Internet groaned under the weight of a serious new security vulnerability called HeartBleed. If you’re in IT, you’ve likely already heard about this. Like me, you probably spent the better part of the day learning about and dealing with it. You may be dealing with it for days to come either as an IT professional or just as an average user of the Internet.

TrackAbout was fortunate – our service offerings were NOT affected by the vulnerability.


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Critical Information Deserves More than a Sticky Note

Asset Tracking Software Helps HMEs with Compliance and Communication

HME Sticky Notes

As a medical equipment provider, you’re subject to a considerable amount of regulatory requirements and accreditation standards. And you probably manage contracts that each have specific obligations to which you must adhere. It’s a lot for anyone to remember. 

If you’re using handwritten signs or sticky notes to communicate critical information to your employees, you could be leaving your business vulnerable to serious consequences. Asset tracking software like TrackAbout can automate the communication process and free you from worry. Continue reading

TrackAbout Spin Off Lockhouse Featured in CryoGas International

Tim Fusco and Jim Glessner lo resTrackAbout spin off Lockhouse is set to revolutionize the packaged gas industry.

Lockhouse will use a few key attributes of a cylinder (including serial number and other
properties) to uniquely identify assets with a readable code. This code then becomes the Passport Tag™ for that cylinder, which accesses a web-based application containing updatable information about each asset in real time. Manufacturers and owners can add important critical information, and can receive feedback and GPS coordinates of the asset from the operator.

Tim Fusco, TrackAbout’s CEO, likes to call Lockhouse a “virtual neck ring.” Since its inception, the industrial gas industry had used neck rings and other markings on cylinders and other packaged gas containers to indicate ownership. With so many acquisitions among packaged gas suppliers over the years, today neck rings are not always correct or useful. Lockhouse is a Virtual Neck Ring that indicates ownership and links to dynamic critical safety and inspection information as well as any other information that the owner wants to make public.

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Answering the Demand for Intelligent Assets

“Over the next decade, smart asset management will transform operations, marketing, finance and human resources. And it will forever change the way the enterprise views its assets.”

Samuel Greengard
CIO Insight blog, “Being Intelligent About Your Assets”

smart assets

A company’s portable assets often represent a substantial investment and success depends on the ability to manage them effectively. To do so, businesses are increasingly relying on asset tracking software, especially because the efficiencies created and the return on investment in tracking technology are so high.

In a recent blog post for CIO Insight, Samuel Greengard wrote, “Organizations that use intelligent asset tracking aren’t only able to understand what assets they possess, but they can also identify where they’re located, how they’re being used, what their condition is and how well they’re being maintained. This, in turn, can help organizations understand demand, supply chain issues and everything from optimal pricing to staffing. It can also help them understand product and machine lifecycles and financial issues, such as variable and fixed costs.” Continue reading

Reducing Medicare Reimbursement Rejections with Automated Delivery

Automated Delivery for Asset TrackingProper documentation is critical to CMS reimbursement. Yet research shows that 33% of Medicare claims are rejected due to inadequate proof of delivery.

Most suppliers operate a trustworthy business, but mistakes can still occur. Paper forms are prone to loss, illegible handwriting, incomplete information, inaccurate data and missing signatures. Storing, and eventually destroying, all that paper can be a costly hassle. In the world of post-payment Medicare audits, the obligation to maintain these records doesn’t end when payment is received. CMS requires suppliers to maintain these records for seven years. Continue reading

5 Things Your Competitors Can Teach You about Asset Management

Think DifferentNew technology is transforming the way companies manage their assets. Asset tracking software is not simply about knowing where your assets are. Today, it’s about providing a complete history for every individual asset and using this information to achieve operational advantages. If you’re still using a manual system to track the comings and goings of your equipment or if your current software system only tracks the location of your assets, your competitors just might leave you in their dust. Continue reading